Various Topics

12-21-2014 The Best Response to Christ's Birth Matthew 2 Pastor Rich Yates
3-29-2015 3 Reactions to Jesus' Triumphal Entry Luke 19:28-44 Pastor Rich Yates
4-5-2015 What are we to do with Easter? John 20 Pastor Rich Yates
5-24-2015 Passover Lamb pictured Jesus' Sacrifice Exodus 12 Pastor Rich Yates
5-3-2015 Realize, Repent and Receive Matthew 25:31-46 Tom Neely
9-6-2015 Behold the Man Butch Hayes
9-13-2015 Worshipping God Andy Filizetti
9-20-2015 Various Topics Various Speakers
12-20-2015 What Was Mary Thinking? Luke 2:1-20 Pastor Rich Yates
03-20-2016 What's Your Reaction to Jesus? John 11 Pastor Rich Yates
04-03-2016 We Are In A Battle Colossians 1 Jeff Forsberg
05-08-2016 Hagar: God Heard a Mother's Cry Genesis 16,21 Pastor Rich Yates
08-14-2016 God's Love to Us From Genesis Butch Hayes
08-21-2016 Consider Encouragement Tom Neeley
12-11-2016 God Put His Son in the Right Place at the Right Time Luke 2:1-7 Pastor Rich Yates
12-18-2016 Birth Announcement Luke 2:8-20 Pastor Rich Yates
12-25-2016 Christmas Through Angel Eyes Luke 2:9-14 Pastor Rich Yates
1-1-2017 Anxious for Nothing Philippians 4:6-7 Lonnie Wilson
4-16-2017 The Resurrected Lord Appeared to Saul Acts 26 Pastor Rich Yates
8-13-2017 LLBC Missionary Report Tim Lawrence
8-20-2017 Guest Speaker Book of Jude Jerry Kriegl
10-08-2017 Missionary to Tanalian Bible Camp, Alaska Mark McGee
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